BARBARA PERRY is currently the Director of Annual Workforce Giving at Valley of the Sun United Way in Phoenix, Arizona. Though she and her husband of more than forty years presently live in Phoenix, a move to the Chicagoland area is in the near future. They have adult children and four grandchildren.

Because Barb loves to write, she’s accepted the challenge of putting her “make-believe” stories into book form. “There is such power in words, both spoken and written,” she states. “Since the beginning of time, the love of storytelling has traveled from parent to child and back again. I wanted to be a part of that.”

Barb claims her daring to imagine and telling of bedtime stories come from her dad, but her creativity and use of words come from her mom.


AUTUMN BROOK is an art student from Texas who lives with two rambunctious cats named Cas and Polly. Her favorite activities are drawing and stargazing. Autumn also loves the sounds and smells of the rain, and she refuses to use an umbrella.